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    1   Link   Crap Cleaner
    One of the best programs i have ever bumped into. It removes all the unneeded crap from your harddrive, but also has a registry cleaner and an option to uninstall installed programs
    2   Link   HD tune
    Ever wanted to test your hardrive ?
    It has a benchmark, temp monitor, health check and an error scanner.
    Extremly usefull to test a new disk performance or an old disk reliability
    3   Link   Memtest
    A bootable cd image used for scanning your RAM memory for errors.
    4   Link   Bootdisks
    A wide selection of boot disks for any situation.
    5   Link   Vista Boot Pro
    An easy to use program for a multi boot os system.
    6   Link   SSC Service utility
    A very good tool to reset, clean and troubleshoot epson inktjet printers.
    Waist pad resetter and much more
    7   Link   Picture resize
    Need a quick extention convertion for your picture? This webbased tool is the best and easiest way, for all of us lazy humans that forgot to install proper software or do not have the time to do so ;)
    8   Link   Process Monitor
    Want to see everything that happens/loads during your use of windows and/or any program ? This is the perfect tool for you ! very usefull when troubleshooting software issues
    9   Link   Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk / CD
    A very good program to reset your windows password. It works on almost every windows system! NT / 2000 / 2003 / XP / VISTA / 2008.
    Both 32 & 64-bit
    10   Link   Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4
    Use this to edit your keyboard layout and make your own for windows systems!
    11   Link   Vistalizator
    Change the main language of your windows vista !
    12   Link   Daemon tools
    Freeware used to mount iso files
    13   Link   DosBox
    Simulate dos if the CMD command does not fulfill your needs.
    I use this to run old dos programs and games. Very easy to setup and very fast. With fullscreen option
    14   Link   Fat32Format
    format a NTFS medium to FAT32
    15   Link   Orca
    A usefull app to edit msi installer information
    16   Link   PhotoRec
    A very nice free to use tool to recover lost files. Not only pictures but almost everything.
    17   Link   FastCopy
    Hate copying thousands of files with windows explorer ?
    This tool skips all the read/write errors that usually end a windows copying procedure.
    18   Link   ConvertICO
    The name says it all
    19   Link   rthdribl
    Test your gpu / directx with this app