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    postheadericon Vista : Cannot delete email in the Windows mail outbox "An unknown error has occurred."


    When trying to delete emails from the outbox in windows mail a pop-up shows with the text:
    "An unknown error has occurred." And the mails stay in the outbox and block your out going email traffic.

    Note: This will delete your account settings and will have to be re-enterd.


    For this to be solved we will need to move all the emails and place them back by following the following steps :

    1.      We will need to make all hidden files visible.

    Open the control panel ( start button then click control panel) then select Folder Options.
    click on the Views tab
    Select "Show hidden files and folders"
    click APPLY then OK.
    Close Control Panel

    2.      Find out where windows mail stores your emails this usually is:

    C:\Users\<your account name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail
    If you are unsure of where they are open windows mail and click on the Tools menu
    click on Options
    click on the Advanced tab
    click the Maintenance button
    click the Store Folders button.
    make a note of the location of the message stores.
    close Windows Mail 

    1. Open windows explorer and go to the location we found in step 2

    where the emails are stored
    Move the entire Windows Mail folder to your desktop and make sure it is deleted in its
    original location.
    Now we create a new folder named Windows Mail in the location we took the old one out of.
    Open windows mail and you will see its completely empty..
    you can now drag all the emails you need from the folder we stored on the desktop back into the right folder in windows mail.

    But be sure that you do not drag the outbox emails back in or you will probably have the same problem all over again.


    This happens with a corrupt email or just the fact that windows mail isn’t all that stable. Deleting all the emails

    ( or only those in the outbox or whatever folder is causing your problem ) will kill the error and remake all the folders

    with a clean start with no error or corruptions.

    Comments (1)
    1 Monday, 13 October 2014 15:29
    Hello, I tried the trick you describe and it works; but on the PC we have 4 users and the problem occurs in one account of the four, one is ok and the 2 others are not tested than less in use. In the one not working, we can't delete any folder, input, output, etc and give the unknown error. The mails are going out ! but Win says they aren't and the contacts received the mails more than once. When Windowsmail is closed, we have "you have unsent mails you want send them now ?" and you send them again withe the same answer.
    Can you give some help ? Thanks

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