postheadericon How can I run .MSI as administrator in Vista

In Vista you need to run most software installations with the "run as administrator" option.
However, while you can right-click on .exe files and select this option from the context menu, this doesn't work with Windows Installer (.msi) packages.

Here's a way to enable elevated privileges for Windows Installer packages :

1. Open Registry Editor as administrator and create the following key under


2. Set the default value of this key to the following:

  run &as administrator

 While this is just a string value for the context menu, you can theoretically place any string you want here.
 The & is to set the alt shortcut key

3. Create the following subkey:


4. Set the default value of this subkey to the following:

   msiexec /i "%1"

Now you should be able to right-click on a .msi file and select "run as administrator" from the context menu.


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