postheadericon HP Officejet PRO 8000 A809 A809n stuck in loop of diagnosis and cleaning with blinking power led


You have a HP officejet PRO 8000 that keeps on cleaning with a blinking power led without end. An endless loop that will drain all your inkt if you leave it on to long. It does not respond to any button pressed or any print orders given.



I was looking up the problem only to find one hp forum topic with someone having the same problem, but as usual the HP forum did not give any solution.

But the solution was easier then i would have tought.

All i had to do was a firmware upgrade. But it didn't work flawlessly.

The firmware i used was OfficejetPro8000_R1006BR_ENG.exe

When starting the firmware update the printer was in its endless loop. I let the firmware updater continue and after 3-4min i turned the pritner off and on 1 or 2 times(by unplugging it). The firmware updater didn't finish so i had to force to close it.

But when i unplugged(3x time) the printer from the power outlet and repluged it to turn it on it seemed working !

Now i just have a very bad test page result meaning i need to clean the prinheads. 

But none the less it works fine now!

Last Updated (Thursday, 14 October 2010 13:34)

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1 Thursday, 20 January 2011 20:41
Worked for me, Firmware didnt lock up at all but i did end up having to reboot it 3 times

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