postheadericon Acer M7220 tv card asus PE6100 no sound after changing channel


Iv noticed a problem in windows vista x64 and the asus PE6100 tv card that comes standard on an acer M7220 desktop.

When using windows mediacenter and switching from channel the sound drops and won't come back.

This also seems to happen when one recording switches to another recording after its done.


It seems to be nothing more then a driver problem.

Considering its an acer build desktop it would be logical to visit their site for an updated drive.

But unfortunately there is as good as nothing to download for this model besides some basic drivers and tools.

So visiting the Asus support site next did not give me a solution either. The thing was to get on the asus FTP site and look for a beta driver. Talk about an unlogical tree structured ftp site pfew...

To make it a little easier for you i have put the driver here .

But when you force the installation of the driver you will notice it gives a code 39 after a reboot. ( can't load driver damaged or incomplete /missing thingy ) this is because its an unsigned driver and windows vista x64 does not allow for unsigned drivers.

To solve this last problem go to this page.


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