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I needed to find out a way to change the shipping costs for each province.

Browsing on google made it clear that most of the magento users out there do this only on a country basis.

After reading up some more about this topic, i went with a postal code solution.


I used a postal code solution, even if the province / state textbox is still mandatory on estimating the cost at your shopping basket. This does not change the outcome, and we can forget about the province names ( your visitors can still fill it in, but it won't matter for the result )

1. On your magento backend goto System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping methodes

2. Enable your table rates and set the condition to price & destination, ( also set the handeling costs to 0 , i don't really tested it if this is needed but it seemed logical to me )

3. Change your store view to "main website"

4. Use the export CSV button if you want to start making your own table rate file. Edit it and import it again in the same menu.

Now i will add a link to my table rate csv file i used for this magento install, for the belgian postalcodes.

tablerates file

Considering that duplicat postalcodes are a no go in this file during import, i had to do some heavy editting :) So any belgians out there, thank me i just saved you some work.

The codes ranged from 1000 to 9999


Lets have a look at the headers.

A > land (country) = the abbreviation of your country, in my case belgium can be used as BE or BEL. For a list of all country abbreviation you can easely find them on google.

B > Regio/State = in my case this is the province, i added a wildcard to it. Because the postalcode is used, the province name had little use. (although you can still use it on the frontend, without any real effect)

C > this column is the minimum order subtotal amount for which this shipping cost should apply

E > The price :-)


After i uploaded this CSV file into magento, it all worked perfectly. Giving a province/state name and postalcode on the frontend shipping estimating feature gives the correct price.

Also if not using this feature, if the customer fills in his address/postalcode when placing his order, he will also get the correct price as stated in the CSV






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