postheadericon Installing MySql ODBC 3.51 connector on x64 windows


1) First download the package from here

2) Extract the zip file into a folder.

3) Copy the following files from the lib folder to c:\windows\system32

myodbc3S.dll ,  myodbc3S.lib  ,  myodbc3.dll , myodbc3.lib

4) Copy the following files from the bin folder to c:\windows\system32

 myodbc3m.exe , myodbc3c.exe, myodbc3i.exe

5) optional: copy the help files in the doc folder to c:\windows\system32

6) Open an command prompt window with administrator rights.

To do this open the start menu, type CMD into the search bar.

Right click the CMD icon that appeared after the search and select "run as administrator"

7) navigate to the folder where you extracted the zip file you downloaded.

Enter the following line in the command prompt window and hit enter

myodbc3i -a -d -t"MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver;DRIVER=myodbc3.dll;SETUP=myodbc3S.dll"


Last Updated (Friday, 17 September 2010 15:17)

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